Keep car insurance quotes low by preventing theft of your vehicle

Sadly the world is dangerous and the rate of vehicle theft remains high. Until US states make policing a better-funded operation, most thieves have a good chance of getting away undetected. With claims rising in value, each new round of car insurance quotes comes out with higher rates for comprehensive cover. To encourage you to take action, insurers now offer discounts if you instal anti-theft devices. If the police cannot protect you, you must protect yourself. It starts with a change of mindset. Instead of a casual approach to security, you must routinely take the key out of the ignition and lock the doors whenever you leave the vehicle. If you park in a city, choose somewhere well-lit with as many people passing as possible. Overnight, always find somewhere secure to keep it.

Now as to these devices, each car insurance company will have its own list. Before you spend any money, get details to ensure you will be eligible for the discount. We start with noise-makers. Any alarm is a deterrent because it attracts attention. Now add in devices to slow down would-be thieves. Put locks on the steering wheel or brake pedal, disable the starter or the fuel pump. The longer it will take the thief to drive the car away, the better the chance he or she will be caught. But if your best efforts fail, the vehicle can be tracked with a GPS transmitter. Only really professional thieves take the time and trouble to locate the tracking device and disable it. This gives you a very good chance of recovering your vehicle. A final thought is having the VINs etched on to the windows. It costs thieves too much to replace the windows if they want to resell the vehicle with a false identity.

Keep your car insurance company up-to-date with all the changes and additions to your vehicle. The more you show yourself responsible and determined to prevent a claim being made for theft, the bigger the discount you will earn.