Looking at changing policies to get the cheapest car insurance

While customer loyalty is commendable, it may not always be in your best interest. A case in point is your auto insurance. To get the cheapest car insurance, you may need to switch to another insurance company. Sometimes insurance companies are limited in what they can offer customers. You may not qualify for lower rates with your current provider. Use the following recommendations to select your new policy.

Do Not Allow Coverage to Lapse

Be sure you continue to pay for your current policy while researching your options for a new one. You will save money by having a current policy in place when you switch providers. Check your policy to see when it is set to expire so you do not have any time you are without insurance as the penalties for such can be significant. Also, you want to be legally insured while searching for a new policy. Always activate the new one before cancelling the old policy.

Review Your Credit Score

Prospective insurance companies can tell that are more likely to pay your premiums on the date they are due if you have a good credit history. You will be able to get lower rates with a good credit score. If you believe your credit score is wrong, you should address this prior to seeking a new policy.

Shop Around for New Policy

You can get multiple free quotes online from many different major insurance companies by using an aggregator site. This type of website should clearly state which insurance companies they work with so you know what to expect. Review each offer carefully to determine which ones might offer the best coverage at the lowest rates. You are under no obligation to actually purchase a policy.

Read Reviews on the Insurance Company

If you do select a policy, look for information on customer satisfaction reviews. You can check the company out at the Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General's website. Read what past and current customers have to say about them. Do your research so you know you are getting a really cheap car insurance from a quality insurance company.